Burned some new wav files and I get occassional static

I’m very new to burning audio cds and am really confused about

all the different cd burning software that’s available. Here’s

a recent problem that I hope someone can enlighted me about!

From different forums I’ve read it sounded like NERO was pretty

good so I tried NERO EXPRESS VER I’ve burned wav

files onto several cds and have been happy with the results -

the cd sounded as good as the original wav file. Yesterday I

burned some new wav files and I get occassional static when I

play back the cd. The static is quite sporadic - not at any

particular volume level. I’ve tried burn speed at 32x and 12x,

normalize audio on and off, and get the same results. PlaYback

on various cd players.

I downloaded BURNATONCE VER 0.99.5 and burned the same files

and get very excellent results - burn speed 32 with wavegain



windows xp home 2nd ed.
sony cd-rw crx320ee
verbatim cd-r discs


what were you ripping the cd’s with…and were you doing anything else with the computer while ripping? There are alot of variables…too many to list easily. The cd in question may have been scratched…dirty

you could have been doing something else on the pc while ripping…

maybe iffy blank cd-rs…

solar flares…

Pygmies with rayguns…

Goofs aside, can you tell us a lil more about your setup and software you use…we could perhaps help you better…:slight_smile:

Welcome to the threads BTW…:slight_smile:

No other programs were open while burning.
I’m using sony crx320ee writer.
I burned 6 cds of the same wav files using Nero and got the same poor results.
I burned 2 cds using burnatonce and get excellent results.

Wave File info:
16 bit, 44.1kHz
2 channel stereo
average 176400 bps

Thanks for your help!