Burned pictures on to a DVD

Hi, I am new to this and usually not the type to ask questions on the net. I am hoping by doing this to fix a very big problem that has arisen for me and my family.

Recently we came back from two month holiday in Japan. I am an avid amateur photographer so I was taking hundreds of photos. I was using a couple of 4 gig memory cards and once one was full I would copy pictures at a local internet cafe and keep going.

Here is the problem: Now that we are back, I can’t retrieve ANY of the pictures. Not only that, my Mac or work Dell will not even recognize that my fully burned cds and dvds are even in the disk drive - spitting the disc out, not showing that the disk is in the drive or even worse, if it recognizes a disc or 2 it says it’s blank. My problems seems bit more complicated than other threads (i think), meaning that NOTHING is recognized and therefore recovery programs suggested don’t even know there is media in the disc drive.

I am looking at loosing a few thousand pictures of my vacation (including first months of my newborn with her Japanese family). I have not idea what to do.

Please help.

Thanks in advance for all of your help…


Welcome to the forums Martin.

I’ve known ISOBuster to find files on cd’s and dvds that appeared to be empty. It would be my first recommendation for recovery of your photos. It is a Windows compatible program though…won’t work on your Mac unless you’ve got both operating systems on that machine (through Boot Camp, or Parallels)

I’m not sure the free version of ISOBuster will extract them for you or not. You’d just have to try it. Here is the list of differences between the free and paid versions of the program: http://www.smart-projects.net/license-models.php