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Lately I’m very worried about something. It is the spelling of the word ‘burn’ in the past tense… Is it burNED or burnT? At school they taught me burnt IIRC. But at this forum it is most often spelled as burned.

Please help me! This matter is of utmost importance!

My guess: Both.

Americans like to use the -ed suffix, while the British sometimes use -t, for example: burned vs. burnt.

Language can get wild. For example, “alot” versus “a lot”.

Both are correct.


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I burned a grilled-cheese sandwich today

  • It was burnt to a crisp .


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No! to all of above
You either say I BURNED a CD or whatever, OR
you say
I HAVE burnt a cd…he has burnt a cd etc…
burned is the PAST TENSE of burn, whereas BURNT is the past participle of burn and must be preceded by the appropriate form of “to have”, that is have or has …

the form " I have burnt" usually denotes that you did it continually for a while in the past
there is a distinction but nowadays burnt and burned are often used interchangeably to denote “I burned”

To me burnt has a connotation of something that went all black and smelly from too much heat. I prefer discs that were burned. :cool:

They can be both simple past and past participle.


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Wow…There have got to be tons of other words like that. LOL. I know for some reason I got hung up on the word [B]Slippery[/B]. :slight_smile:

Completely true, but Elements of Style (definitive work on Grammar) tends to go with burned as past tense and burnt as past participle.
That being said, English English tends to use burnt for both, and American English tends to use burned. Not sure where the Canadians stand.

Self confessed grammar pedant… I’m off to conjugate some verbs now :smiley:

People spend a lot of effort on silly things…

LOL! True though… Can’t help it, I’m a pedant :wink:

We could also consider the verbs to mow, bend, tear and spell.
Maybe I should just go get some sleep now :slight_smile:

It reminds me of the whole “Viruses or Virii” argument from way back. :slight_smile:

I am going to keep well away from that thread :eek:

I’d probably just end up arguing with myself.
(Surely it couldn’t have been “virii” because that would mean the stem was Virius? I remember some latin from school.)


Definitely going to get some sleep this time.

Dear Prof…Casa alba est. Oh sorry for that, wish I could forget what little Latin I learned in the '60’s- must have been the summer of private tutoring I had -my entire soph. class was told that our current inflictor of estes & sunt would continue to torture us as juniors at the new high school. We actually believed that old xxx. I mean, would a teacher actually lie? My D grade just had to improve so- it was tutoring for me & yes she stayed at the old high school. Both my daughter & hubby have burnt more cheese sands than ever I want to count.

Please punctuate the following:

[B]George where Peter had had had had had had had had had had had the examiners approval[/B]

Now I’m going to put on my old teacher’s hat for a second…

“I have a burnt cd.” (usage: noun)
“I burned a cd.” (usage: verb)

I give you… in the style of William Shatner…

[B]George, where; Peter… Had, had, had… Had; had, had: had, had, had, had, had, the; examiners. Approval…[/B]

Cedrich999 - I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one tortured with Latin!

This calls, for, immediate, action! Spock, set course, 205, point, 342! We, will, suprise these, nasty scumbags! Where is, my, tea?