Burned my first DVD results well.. look =(


K burned an image of DVD iso format via nero. (burn from an image option) at 8x . I will post the Read Error results and the media info as attachments =(… 160 errors at 19% … i guess its bad… So are the disks to blame? or is it the iso image (which i doubt) i didnt make it but the location where i got it is reliable. I am running 2500A and Herries 1.07 v2 beta 5

Any advices helpfull. =( also i posted this in Liteon forum but the answer was not helpfull any clues as to the reading problem of my new Lite on 167T. Images are at this thread. I purchased the drive by recommendation of this forum that is great in combo with my new NEC 2500A hehe pease dont let me down the NEC 2500 seems to be great so far


The 2500 is known for not liking Ritek G04 media, with Herries firmware some are doing OK but obviously not all. Try different media like Ricoh R01 plus and you should get excellent results even at 8x

what about the DVD ROm Problem and where can i find some Ricoh 01 plus or 00? someone told me that: http://www.meritline.com/high-quality-dvd-plus-r-dvdplusr-blank-media-cake-bulk.html are richoh00 actually thinking of buying them. I am watching the dvd everything seems fine some far… so who knows

Be aware I’ve had reports of several drives shipped to europe (primarily Denmark) which have been returned for warranty substitution due to making soley coasters on all available media eventhough Nero and other burning tools report the burn as a succes!

I use Herrie’s 1.07v2b4 firmware and don’t have any issues with RitekG04 media. These were bought from newegg.com and are working well for me. Not sure what the issue could be honestly other than suggesting trying other media with your drive or different firmware. Otherwise, as hvn99 suggested it could potentially be a bad drive. :frowning: