Burned my first DVD+R DL

Today I received the first 5 DVD+R DL (Traxdata => Ritek-D01-01). I burned the movie Cold Mountain with my NEC 2500A@2510A 2.16 (Herry firmware) and CopyToDVD 3.026.43.
Everything worked great with CopyToDVD but the DVD itself will only play in my PC with PowerDVD 5 and the DVD in the NEC 2500A@2510A player. My home DVD player/recorder Philips 880 stops after 10 sec. into the menu.

I will try if I can play this DVD on other DVD players. See also the pictures.

Dutch CopyToDVD translator

That doesn’t really sound like a booktype problem then…

I was under the impression that the 2500@2510 wouldnt like a ritek DL .

But the latest Herry Firmware 2.16 supports the Ritek DL media.

You should try to update the firmware on your Philips DVD880.
you can get it here : www.p4c.philips.com
just type in your player type feks: dvdr880/021
Download the new version and burn it on a CD and upgrade.
Newest version is 6.3
Also there has been a manufactoring fault on the some of the Philips DVDR burners. You should deiliver it to your servicecenter and tell them that you get disc error sometimes, and that it skippes. they will change the burner unite inside for the new version, maybe then everything will work ok.
Have you tried the movie on a normal player?


Can I use the 880/021 firmware with my 880/001 version?
I already got the new burn unit installed because I really had these disc errors on most of my DVD’s. After that everything worked great but know I have troubles with the DVD+R DL media.

It could be the media, the burning software, the DVD player or a mix of them, who knows…?


Update: I downloaded the firmwares of the 001, 021 and 051 models and they are all the same. So it doesn’t matter which firmware I download and install.
I checked the current firmware version on my 880 model and it reads 12W. Is this 6.3 version a newer version than I already have installed?

when you try to update firmware in your 880/001 it will tell you if the firmware you are updating needs it or not. if you have the latest firmware then it will reject the upgrade. but 6.3 is very new so unless you have updated in the last 3 months then all will be ok.

Not according to this thread (posts #5 and #7) it does’nt support ritek DL:


As mentioned before, Herrie has released a version compatible with ritek DL among other things.

Ah yes, so he did. Kinda all that does tho is make it compatable with ritek DL and riplock etc… but hardly worth losing the media speed ups and bit set.

I tried it with the free dl disk from newegg, it was a bad burn for me, tested it in cd speed, it showed a drop out 10 percent into the burn. It skips and hangs up. I’ve burned 2 verbatim dl disc and have had no troubles with them.

LOL I have the same “freebie” disc from newegg when i bought some 8x dvd printables. Was wanting to use it, but since my 2500@2510 wont like the ritek I’ll wait. maybe my BenQ800@822 will get its DL update soon, or Herrie can get some new stuff:)