Burned my first dvd, no sound... plz help

well after followin the divx to dvd tut, screwed up twice but finally got it to work. now i got to the burning part, said all i needed was video_ts and audio_ts folder. audio is empty and video had 8 files. i did play a couple of the files in the video folder before i burned it and it worked fine, audio was in sync and everything. i tried usin the nero that came with my burner, nero express and it wouldn’t let me add the audio_ts folder, it said no compatible file. so i used a 6.3 version (what the tut was usin) the vid folder was red but then i added the 8 files and i could burn.

so if someone could tell me how to get 6.6 to accept the audio folder or how can i get the audio to work. i’ve had my burner for a week now and have yet to burn a dvd, plz help. ty

Don’t worry, the Audio_TS folder is almost always empty.

Try to look a pressed dvd :wink:

yea i kno it’s suppose to be empty, i’ve read around. n what do u mean pressed dvd? how many files are suppose to be in the vid folder? i kno my ac3 file isn’t in there but when i go to play the ifo file the vid and sound work fine…

In video dvd anything is into vob files, both audio and video streams.

You should have a group of vob files, containing the movie, and an IFO file, containing the info needed to the player to read vob files. And should be present also a BUP file, a sort of backup of the ifo file.

“pressed” dvd are commercial discs. Do you have an original dvd movie to check?

yea i have 2 ifo files, 2 bup files and 4 vob files in there, it plays fine when i play it straight from the folder but when i burned it and tried to play the dvd there is no audio =/. and the nero 6.3 version i used said there could be a compatibility issue with the windows i’m usin (xp, service pack 2) but it still burned the dvd. so maybe it’s nero causin the problem? or my dvd burner :S

Probably your dvd was authored in a wrong way.

How did you do the conversion from avi to dvd?

i used this tut http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=61142

dvd2svcd with cce, tmpgenc etc.

i’m just wondering why it plays fine straight from the folder but when i burned it to my dvd it plays the vid fine but no audio =/.

I don’t know this method. I used TMPGenc DVD author to convert the mpeg file created from avi in vob files.

Do you still have the mpeg files obtained from the avi? Try to download the trial version of dvd author from here, and use it to convert mpeg into vob. It shouldn’t require too much time because vob are mpeg files too.

i already have tmpgenc dvd author ;), so ur sayin i should try to manually author it? by doin this step right? i’ll try that then.

Step 4: Authoring with TMPGEnc DVD Author

  1. Run TMPGEnc DVD Author. From the opening screen, just click the Create New Project button.

  2. In the new window, we then click the Add File button and browse to our Encoded_Video_CCE_PAL.mpv or Encoded_Video_CCE_NTSC.mpv or Pulldown_Encoded_Video_NTSC.mpv (MUST always use the Pulldown file if it exists) file.

  3. In the next window, click the Audio Settings Browse button and locate your new created or extracted *.AC3 audio file. If it does not accept your AC3 file, read Note 3 below.

  4. At the top, click the Chapters cut edit button. Now click the Add button. You can now manually add Chapter points (slow and painful !) or just select the option Automatically Insert Chapters with the Selected Interval and select 5 minutes (or anything else that suits your needs). Then click OK. Once the Chapters have been set, click OK again.

  5. If you encoded 2 halves of an AVI separately, then in the same window as 2. above, load in the next Encoded_Video_CCE_PAL.mpv or Encoded_Video_CCE_NTSC.mpv or Pulldown_Encoded_Video_NTSC.mpv file. A Crutical Error window will pop up with video doesnt match Audio length or similar. Just cancel that window. Click the Audio Settings Browse button and locate your new created or extracted *.AC3 audio file. If it does not accept your AC3 file, read Note 3 below.

  6. There is no need for a Menu since we have only one movie that will auto-start when we put it in our DVD Player, so click on the Output button.

  7. The Create DVD Folder option should be ticked. Then browse to your optput folder. You will need 5gig free. When ready, click the large Begin Output button. It will ask you to save the Project, then do so. Sit back while it takes 10-15min to create all the VOB, IFO & BUF files needed for DVD playback.

  8. Using Explorer, go to the folder where you just created the DVD files. There will be two new folders, VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. The AUDIO_TS folder will be empty. In the VIDEO_TS folder will be all the *.VOB, *.IFO and *.BUP files and their total size should be less than 4.37 gig. Do not delete, rename or move any of these files.

  9. Double click on the VIDEO_TS.IFO files and the Movie should start playing with WinDVD or your installed player. Check it out for corect aspect ratio and for lip sync at start and near end. We have now made our first DVD from an AVI and if all is well, we are now ready to burn the DVD.

oh and i skipped the manual authoring becuz of this step

  1. When finished you will have in the default folder you selected, about 20-30+ files and a couple of new folders. There is a AUDIO_TS folder (empty) and a VIDEO_TS folder full of your new created VOB files plus suporting IFO & BUP file. These are ready to be burnt out with Nero or RecordNow MAX/DX, proceed to Burning step. If you selected No Images, these folder will not be there and we need only 2 of the files, the Video file Encoded_Video_CCE_PAL.mpv or Pulldown_Encoded_Video_NTSC.mpv (or Encoded_Video_CCE_NTSC.mpv if the Pulldown_Encoded_Video_NTSC.mpv doesnt exists) and the Audio file Extracted_Audio_1.ac3 or Encoded_Audio_1.mp2.

i had those 2 folders already so that’s why i skipped straight to burning instead of doin that manually.

Sorry, but I don’t understand. I don’t use dvd2svcd to do my conversions because all the times I used, it created non compliant files. Probably I was doing some error, but I have a simpler method.

I use TMPGenc to convert avi into mpeg, and then I use dvd author to convert the mpeg into vob.

If you already have the mpeg file, simply open it in dvd author, and save output in a folder you like, different from the folder used bt dvd2svcd to create the mpeg file.

That’s all: this always worked for me

ok thx i’ll try that, and the mpeg file is the Pulldown_Encoded_Video_NTSC.mpv right? if anyone else has any other suggestions plz tell me :P. ima try to burn another one, i don’t feel like wasting all my blank dvds =(

No, the file you should feed to dvd author should have a .mpeg file extension.

I prefer to use tmgenc because it create the mpeg without too many apps running in many steps, and not too many file types. I don’t know if quality is better or not, but it’s simpler for me to cope with only one file type.

Executing DVDAuthor. Commandline:
“C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\DVDAuthor\dvdauthor.exe” -x "C:\Program Files\Movies\DVDAuthor.xml"
EWriteError Stream write error

maybe that’s why i’m havin trouble even tho it recovered that and finished. and i dunno what ur talkin about with the mpeg file. doesn’t say anywhere in that tut about puttin mpeg into dvd author, says put the pulldown one and audio file in there…

Edit: actually under the Pulldown_Encoded_Video_NTSC it says MPEG VIDEO so i think that is the right file.

This ‘.mpv’ file extension suggests it contains video only, so there may be an accompanying ‘.mpa’ file with the demultiplexed audio somewhere.

in tmpenc u add that pulldown file and the audio to go with it so i’m guessin they get added together. i named my audio file, audio1.ac3. anyway i was lookin in the version of dvd author i was usin (1.6) and it says in options > enviromental settings,
“Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoder setting"
Cannot find the dolby digital AC-3 encoder.
Installing the tmpgenc sound plugin-in ac3 allows to encode and decode dolby digital audio.”

so could that be the prob? it didn’t say in the tut i needed that plug-in. and if i do need it can i just install that and author it manually then with the mpeg and audio file? or would i have to start everything all over again. i still don’t understand y it plays fine from the folder but on the dvd there’s no sound =/.

dunno if it’ll help or not but here’s a pic of my folder.

I don’t like this software because it use a too complicated (for me) strategy of conversion. I prefer to use tmgenc directly on the avi file because it give me directly a mpeg file containing both audio and video streams in the same file. Then I put the mpeg file in dvd author, and that’s all.

I don’t see any .mpeg file in the pic, so I have no idea what is the correct file to use. Sorry :frowning:

np, thx for tryin to help man. hopefully someone else can see the prob.

Sorry didn’t read the entire stuff you wrote before, but it seems you’re trying to create the DVD folders “by hand”.

That’s not the way it is supposed to work: DVd has a structure and it implies an empty Audio-TS folder, but the DVD has to by “built” by an application (and you have a wide choice here), because the files in the Video_TS folder include video, audio (it can have several languages for the same images), subtitles and the files with the instructions how to play it, that shall tell the player whats in and how to deal with it.

Usualy, you should ask Nero or other burner to burn the disc from an image that you created before.
To build the DVD, Nero has another application in the package - not the normal burner.