Burned music sounds like the speakers are broken

I’ve got a Plextor DVD +/- RW drive and when I burn an audio disc (with Nero 7) the music is there, but there are crackles and pops just like if the speakers were broken or something. I’ve tried playing the discs in several different stereo systems / cd players but it’s the same in all of them. Does anyone recognize this problem?

More information is needed to answer this question. What type of files are you burning? What bitrate are the files? What media are you using?

With the number of variables involved, the more information provided the better the question can be answered.

Too fast burned CDDA!
Also maybe crap media.

Nero 7 + MP3’s = crack’s & pop’s

There is a bug in nero that means it cant decode MP3’s correctly using the dll that comes with it.

Check here.