Burned movies that skip

What might cause a burned movie to skip or freeze up? I have tried playing the same burned movies on both my DVD players to try to determine if it’s the DVD player itself or the movie. I was left very confused because sometimes it would skip on both DVD players and sometimes it would only skip on one. I even tried playing one of them on my Xbox 360 and it still skipped and eventually froze. Other movies play so smooth without skipping a beat while others give me such problems. Maybe it’s the disc itself? I don’t know, but it gets real aggravating when I finally sit down to watch a movie and it ends up skipping. :doh:

Anyone have this happen before? Does anyone think it’s the movie itself, the disc it was burned on, or the player? Thanks in advance!

Yes, it happens all the time when you are just getting started burning. With out knowing more details like what burner you have, whether it is a stand alone burner or in a computer, what burning program you are using (if it is a burner in a computer) and what media you are using I can just tell you the most common problems.
1: Poor brand of media.
2: Poor quality burner or burner needs the firmware updated.
3: Poor or outdated burning program.
4: Burning too fast or too slow.
5: Wrong media type (DVD-R, DVD+R). DVD+R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM seems to be the most compatable with most stand alone players.

If you can give us more info on what burner, software and media you are using would help us get to the exact problem causing this. :slight_smile: