Burned movies in 10min with 8x now 20 with 16x



I am having a problem with my burning speeds i went from burning movies in 10min with an 8x speed memorex dvd+r no complaints, but now my dvd blanks were upgraded to 16x speed memorex dvd+r and the movies are burning in about 20min. my dvd writemaster drive is capable of burning everything upto and including 16x speed dvd blanks. any help you can give me?


I have a version of that too - select 8x and see what time it takes.

I have an old Emachines and evidently the ide drivers, system design, or something aren’t up to it. Do a search, I posted a thread on it and many, many tried to help but nothing brought my speed up to where it should be.

8s is fast enough and gives great burns so I’ve been happy enough. In the mean time it really IS time to buy a new machine so I’ve been looking around but haven’t seen anything yet. I’m thinking the right before school specials at the end of the summer will have the best choices for me.


A lot of times it is the media (the blank DVD) which is at fault. I bought some 8X DVD’s from Memorex and I couldn’t get them to burn anything faster than 4X, but my TDK’s work perfectly at 8X.


alot of time its also drive firmware clonedvd does not say hey you must burn at this speed. Alot of drives firmwares dont support the media. Just because it says 16x on the disc and youve selected 16x dont expect it to burn at that.

Check cdfreaks forums for your drive and look in the firmware section. Im sat here with 16x datawrite and my drives firmware supports them only at 8x. Yet the hacked firmware on here they only write at 12x.

hang on its a 16x disc on a 16x drive it must do it surely?

erm nope.

dont blame clonedvd it doesnt write your drives firmware it only tells the drive what it would like to write at. its down to your drive from there.


I forgot to add that I have also updated the newest version of the firmware for my dvd writer. i have tried to select max speed and 16x speed and still the same outcome I am lost with this any help?


what drive is it? and what brand of discs?