Burned game stops working

I bought and buildt a new PC, Spec? MOBO Asus P5QL-CM, CPU CORE 2 QUAD Q8200 1333FSB, Corsair Dominator 4GB PC8500 DDR2 1066MHz, it works exellent. :iagree:
I have been playng some games and I have no problems, however I burned Bur…t paradise and found that I have very big problems which are: the game allways gets stck still wille loading but the music carrys on, I have waited for some 10 min. but it does not get unstuck and it happens the same during game play if I can get it to finish loading. :sad:
I have lowered the resolution, I have put all the specs to the minimum that I can but it gets stuck anyway, it seems that it has nothing to do with my intel G43 but I would like to know if you have anything to add as I am now becomin crazy. All the other games work perfect, no fliks or stcks… :confused:

Please advise Gyus thanks

oh yes nealy forgot, the games was installed with out probs

How did you rip this game to your computer and what was your burning procedure?


I installed the game from an image that I got from a friend it seemed to install ok and the first time didn’t even get stuck it was after the first usage.

But then I formated my PC as it got realy slow and it was lagging regardless of what I was doing.

After that I copied the game with Nero 9 Ultra and the copy was ok no error messages.

I can’t understand, but FYI I have allready reinstalled the game again and it keeps on doing the same.


I installed the game from an image that I got from a friend
Sorry but I can go no further.

Sorry, but as stated in our rules, we cannot allow the discussion of copyrighted material (music, games, etc.) that has bene unofficially obtained.

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