Burned first dvd now can't load disks!

Hi all, first time on any forum! Help. Have just burned a few cd’s then Data DVD on my acer aspire 1690 with Matshita UJ 845 D dvd burner. Now drive will only accept blank disks…won’t read anything!! :confused: status on drivers and hardware ok according to xp. when I go to MY Computer I get FILES TO BURN dropdown, even though no files listed. When I hit burn, I get a wizard that does not allow me to do anything accept press finish…
Any Ideas will be appreciated…Thanks…
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To exclude a software problem, can you try to do a test of your burner with cd-dvd speed? Insert a blank media and go in “create disc” tab, then burn a disc and post the image of graph

It sounds like you’re using Windows Xp burning capabilities. Try using Deep Burner. It’s free burning software and i think you’ll find it more useful. As far your problem did you finalize the last disc you burned? Maybe that’s why you’re only getting the ‘finish’ option.