Burned DVDS



Has anyone ever actually had a burned dvd(storage or backup movie) actually stop working even after following all possible guidelines to preserve it. I keep all my dvds in wallets and so far so good(Some for 3 years now). I use any type of media but aim for verbatims now.I have had cd-r s fail and the only ones that have were the verbatims. So basically im just wondering if as long as no scratches, no direct sunlight or anything else that would harm the disc, do dvds actually fail? any stories or experiences? thanks!!!


It is inevitable that with time burned media deteriorates.

Some discs deteriorates faster than other, but finally all discs will become coasters with the time.


to sum it up… geno888 is right, with enough time ALL discs will eventually fail. although in general anytime in the next 5-10years it’s fairly safe to assume top quality discs like Verbatim (DVD+R 16x cert when burned @ 8x ish) and Taiyo Yuden (8x cert discs burned @ 8x) will last ‘at least’ that long :wink:

although even with top quality discs… if you have real important data it’s recommended to make a copy on say 1 verbatim disc and 1 taiyo yuden disc and if possible a hard drive… cause if u do this… the odds of losing the data is slim to none.


Yes all things will die eventually and deteriorate into nothingness but I highly doubt many people will use DVD media in 20+ years time if they can convert to Blu ray or some newer format in the future.

Some discs like Ritek G05 are made with a dye that simply didn’t hold up over time. Not sure exactly why or how it happened but heaps of people including myself had ritek G05 die on us after a year or so. It was extremely annoying since I could have easily paid another 10 extra bucks per 50 spindle and just got Verbatim instead.


i also agree with ‘cd pirate’ about the ‘20 years time’ thing… cause my guess is 10 years TOPS (maybe 15-20 MAX MAX) people will be using something totally different than dvd anyways.

although since theres alot of dvd players out there it cant hurt to have them as a backup to what u might use in the future etc etc :wink:


Thanks everyones, for the advice!!!this forum is awesome