Burned DVDs wont play on other PCs

Hi,i am a filmaker and put some trailers of my films onto DVDs for trailers to potential buyers.I edit in premiere and author in encore then burn the DVD in Nero 6.I am able to play on my PC or on a domestic DVD player.However,when i send out trailers they are not able to play it on other PCs.They play fine on DVD players.It may not seem too bad,but if im sending to US companies,its the only way they can play them?

Welcom to CDFreaks forum, make sure you are finalizing the burnt DVD and also use good brand name of DVD blank disc.

I take it that you are authoring the DVD’s as MPEG2 and NTSC. If that is true, I’ve noticed that some business’s do not have proper dvd playing software. Many don’t even have Windows Movie Maker. What are you burning as far as dvd’s. Are you using +r or -r. What brand are you using.

I use nothing but +r media and I bitset to -rom, and I only use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media for customers.

Thanks for the welcome.
I am using professional(and expensive!) discs.Finalising is automatic in encore so it isnt either of those.

We are using verbatim DVDs.
We are in the UK so i author in PAL.I have just sent a couple of Tracailers to Amsterdam where they couldnt play them,so i was assuming they had windows media player?

sorry forgot,we use -r dvds

You spoke about “US companies”, and they would use NTSC equipment, not PAL.

Chef is right you are copying NTSC platform Video and try to play it in PAL Environment which obviously do not play but when you send them to US plays fine because they play it in NTSC platform again.

You mentioned Amsterdam. Did they play your DVD on PC or standalone player?
If they use PC and Window Media Player ver.10 or 11, it is quite possible that they see nothing. I ran into this myself. Some DVD play, some get stuck and some are just flashes of pictures with WMP. If they have some third party player they should be able to play them. NERO 6 or 7 player does good job also.

I am based in the UK so shoot on PAL.I author my discs onto PAL.To save me having to convert them all to NTSC for the US,they look at them on their PC.I have only just started doing my own DVDs on the PC,so dont know why they wont play on otherPCs.They work fine on stand alone players.A friend of minbe had already suggested that they didnt have the right player software,but this is not the case as they use the same as me:interactual player.

You friend should be able to play your burnt DVD by “RealOne” or “Windows Media Player” or “PowerDVD” or also with NeroPlayer if he has not any hurtle or bottleneck in his computer.

ur other comps might not be dvd players…try burning on cd rom in e.g. avi

I’m doing a similar job, authoring video DVDs for artists, from various video or audio sources.

I’d suspect the burning software to be responsible in your case. I’ve had issues when burning VOB/IFO files directly, specially with Nero.

To avoid any issues, I now open the authored DVD files in DVDShrink and create an ISO that I burn with IMGBurn.

This way:

  1. Shrink re-encodes the files (100% lossless if no compression is required) so you can be pretty sure that the final result is compliant.
  2. The ISO can be checked for readability (with Daemon Tools and Windows Media Player for example)
  3. Burns of ISO with IMGburn are far less problematic that direct burns of the raw, discrete files. Don’t know why, though.

I hope I’m making some sense, I’m very tired :bigsmile:

Had a similar problem once. DVD’s (TY ones) could only be read by their burner (Lite-On SOHW-1633S) and standalones but from no PC drive (tried about 4-5 others, brands like Pioneer, NEC, BENQ).

Problem solved after a firmware upgrade of the burner.

Just an FYI for you Freddie.
I also post on www.videohelp.com, and I read a post there awhile back, that suggested that folks in PAL areas author all their stuff to NTSC, as they claim that most PAL dvd players can handle NTSC, but not the other way around. And Encore should be able to do a great job of converting PAL to NTSC. These comments were made by posters who have a lot more experience than I do with video. You may want to scoot over to the web site, and do some browsing. Using Verbatim media and Encore software, you should not be having problems with your end product.