Burned DVDs won't play in PC

Dear members,

I’ve been burning DVDs on an RCA DVD Recorder Model# DRC8030N, using DVD+R discs. The recorder creates DVDs with the normal VOB files. They play back fine in the RCA unit itself of course and also play back fine on my Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop.

However, they won’t play in my wife’s PC, a Compaq Presario model# SR1917CL-B.

What is the most likely cause of this?

I’ve tried using different DVD media brands, tried both DVD-R and DVD+R discs, and burning content that’s less than 60 mins and content that’s more than 60 minutes.

I’m looking for something I can do on the Compaq PC to make it able to play these burned DVDs. The Compaq PC can play regular movie DVDs just fine. It can handle both DVD-R and DVD+R formats.

Appreciate everybody’s help.



What is the drive in The Compaq PC? What player is it using?