Burned DVDs will not mount in BenQ 1650!

:a Hi

Verbatim branded MCC 03RG02 burned in my Lite-On LH-20A1L and TYG02 burned in my BenQ 1650 will not mount in my BenQ 1650 f/w BCDC or BCIC!

I cannot even scan them in my BenQ 1650 at all. Nero CD-DVD Speed will freeze upon insertion requiring a reboot.

I have noticed that burned TYG02 in the BenQ 1650 will not mount in Windows at all.

I will probably take the BenQ out and put it in another system and try to mount it…

I also plan to try the TYG02 in Fedora…

If anyone else has any ideas, feel free to mention them…


Can you scan the same disc in LH-20A1L?

Does the same disc mount in your LH-20A1L?


Yes pinto2, i can scan and mount TYG02 in my LH-20A1L.

I took out the BenQ 1650 out and put it in another system and it did not mount.

I also tried the TYG02 in Fedora 7 and no burned TYG02 would mount.

I guess i will have to get another BenQ 1650/55 for scanning and throw my current BenQ out. Too bad i cannot RMA the drive…so does anyone else have any ideas.

:a NBK

Is your current DW1650 for sale?
If so send me a pm. :wink:

Looks like BenQ drives doesn’t like you. :bigsmile:

:slight_smile: LOL pinto2,

I do not know what i am going to with the BenQ 1650. I do not know what is going on. I simply need another good scanner.

OT…My Lite-On LH-20A1L will not burn TYG02.

Lite-On makes good reader, not good scanner. Best bet is getting another BenQ for scan.