Burned DVD's stopped playing

Using ver 215173, processing avi files into dvd’s. Encoding process works fine, burning appears to work but DVD’s will no longer play on my pioneer player.
I’ve used this program since it began with great success. I have it installed on my new Dell XPS 410 dual processor computer. I understand that CXtoDVD does not utilize the dual processors but it should burn correctly using one processor. The output DVD files play fine with PowerDVD. The computer came with Roxio installed which I have not used but is still on the computer. Could there be some kind of conflict. Sometimes I get a startup error about Gearsec did not load. I know CXtoDVd uses Patin Coffin drivers.
Do you have any suggestions that I could try.
Thanks much!!

Hi there,

Please provide more details on “Wont’ Play In My DVD Player”.

Does it skip and freeze ?
DVD will say no disk ? Disk Error, won’t start at all ?

Are you using 1st Class media quality and not burning too fast ?

Have you changed media lately ? DVD-R to DVD+R etc… ?

What’s the Media ID of your disk, and at what speed are you burning at ?

You have properly selected NTSC or PAL for your needs ?

The DVD load on the player but then freezes up and does not show any screen, sometimes they turns the player off.

Thanks for your input…I think I found the problem.
Brand new PC, I had to set the correct region for the burner in windows. It was set for no region at the factory.

Seems to be back to normal now…

Thanks again!!

No region on burner should result in disk that plays in any player.

I found that there is cracked version of going around,
and suddenly all kinds of problems have appearead. Bad crack.

I’m a registered user…no cracked versions.
Anyway, I’m back to normal by setting the burners to Region 1…


It might be your player - some players require disks to have certain region code.