Burned dvds stop, in different places, on different stand alone players

please help, im not a genius on the old p.c, but have l8ly strted to do dvd back ups,…problem is, all the backups, ((from disc to disc, and using shrink))stop, in different places, on different stand alone players,…have tried diff media, but all media used in a grade, any help would be gr8… :iagree:

im using power2go burn software :a

on a phillips machine, with dvdrw drive PBDV1640P b3.4 firmware

3.6 p4 prodcessor, win xp home, any more info i ahve missed, please feel free to “poke” this newbie, oh and b 4 i run off to the hills, thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer… :bow:

sorry forgot to say, im using the -disks, as i herd these were better

i think you`ll find that your drive is a rebadged Benq which prefer +R media, make sure your using the latest firmware and get some quality +R media. you could do a search in the benq forum to see what firmware is avalible.

I would try some good +R media.

Remeber to use something like Nero CD-DVD speed to set the DVD+R BookType to “DVD-ROM” before burning the DVD+R media, this will make it much more compatible with standalone players (mainly older ones that dont normally read DVD+R media).

Ben :slight_smile:

thanks a tonne, :slight_smile: ill try all ur ideas and suggestions out,…very impressed with the speed of the response, and all round happy attitude of all who answered… :bow: …sum forums on the net are,…well,…not nice :a

…it just really shoked me, that diff films, would stop in diff places on diff machines, sum players would stop all together, freezing, sum will stop for a second, then continue,…most strange i thought…oh well thanks gang, and if anyone has anything to add to this ((not that uv not all been gr8 so far)), please do


are you only using DVD shrink? If so I would suggest copying the disc first with DVD decrypter. As i’m pretty sure DVD shrink doesn’t remove most of the protection crap from the original disc.

Most DVD burning software can do this now not just nero

What media are you using exactly? To find this out use a program called DVD Identifier. It can be downloaded from here:


Once we know that we can help a bit more. If it’s junk media that is most like the reason. Also, you can cross-reference your DVD Player on Videohelp to determine if it can play DVD-R or DVD+R media or none at all. The website is http://www.videohelp.com - It’s a good place to start. Your player, if it’s old or something of that nature may not be able to play backups.

DVD Shrink is fine, you might try to rip with DVD Decrypter first before using DVD Shrink and then Nero to burn. This stuff will all help us in determining what your problem may be.

the discs i have tried are {DV 3202} Datawrite Titanium Silver 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 50 and {DV 3155} Ritek Inkjet Printable (G05 dye) A Grade (8x) DVD-R in Pack of 25 brought from svp communications… :iagree:

…but, the problem is not just on my player, its on all players in house, cept on mine ((most expensive, which is just typical)) they freeze up completely, and on mums ((cheepest)) they freeze for a second, then carry on, tried on ssters, and neighbours also, results vary player to player,…

oh b 4 i forget, yer i use shrink, gr8 programme for free isnt it,…1 site wanted £30 for it,…sick :confused:

…i really appreciate the help,…wen i asked ppl, they just said i was messing up, im not the cleevrest of ppl, but im getting to grips with p.cs, and every one else dosnt have this issue in this way,…so feelin v frustrated, as u can imagine :iagree: …thanks agen all :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: