Burned dvd's play in all players -- except the one that burned them

I have some cmc mag r01 00 dvd+r disks.

They burn fine and play fine in standalone dvd player.
They scan fine with nero in my samsung dvd-rom.
They scan with many sectors unreadable in the burner
I used to burn them. Richoh 5125a 2.4x.

Nero won’t let me burn at 1x. What can I do?

Try some better media.

I have a spindle of BeAll 4X -R media that get high error rates at the end of the disc when burned by my NEC ND-1300A. The NEC ND-1300A burner can’t read them, but everything else can read them. My Lite-On SOHW-812S can’t burn them with any kind of usable quality regardless of capacity. Go figure.


Usually standalones are more picky than computer drives. So to have it not read in the burner is… strange. This makes me think that your burner has reading problems but that it’s capable of burning okay. Have you tried burning other discs?

Also the slowest speed rating for +R and +RW is 2.4x.


Strange thing is, according to OC-Freak, BeAll is supposed to be good. Yea, go figure. :confused:

Wow, didn’t think this thread was going to get a single response. Thanks! Yeah, it burns dvd+rw (verbatim) fine with no errors. I think I am going to put a dvd-rom in the computer to be able to read these…