Burned dvd's not working anymore? Please Help!

I started burning dvds about 3 months ago. I bought an external lite on ezdub burner that came with nero 7. Everything was going great at first. I would run the compressed dvd files thru quickpar first then extract them with winrar to get the IMG/ISO file. Then I would extract the IMG/ISO file to get the vob/ifo/vts files. And from there burn them using nero express in dvd video files mode. I always made sure that the movies were in ntsc format before burning them. Might I add that i’m using maxell DVD-R disks. Like I said before everything was fine at first. I have burned many dvds that work fine on both of my standalone dvd players. They still do. However lately 95% of the movies i’ve been burning will not work in my sony dvd player. They will work on my RCA dvd player but they take forever to load and will only play immediately after it brings up an error message on the screen. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong. I tried copying a retail dvd thru dvd fab and it works perfectly so I know my players are compatible with the media and my burner is apparently working so PLEASE if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!

I suggest you read the forum rules again, immediately.

Talking about getting (copyrighted) illegal distributed material is not allowed. :cop:

Who said I got these files illegally?

It is possible that these are not commercial movies.

Why are you extracting the .vob/.ifo files from the ISO and then burning? Why not just burn the ISO directly with ImgBurn.

Otherwise if you are having further trouble with these ISOs then I suggest you contact the source.

Show me a screenshot where those par files came from before insulting my intelligence or ignorance.
Why extract perfectly good images into seperate vobs anyway?