Burned dvds not showing up

I am helping a friend out, so I would appreciate any advice…

my friend has a memorex 16x dvd re-writer (lite-opn rebranded, I believe) and is burning data files to HP dvd+r 8x media. I watched her burn this through nero and she did it coreectly and Nero said it burned fine, but after the burn is finished it does not show that anything is there when she checks the disk (on the same drive via windows explorer). The burned data disk shows up fine on my Benq and Lite-On drives, so it is either something to do with her system (XP) or her burner. any thoughts?

Can you post mediacode of this disc?

not sure what a mediacode is.

Mediacode is the information showed as in the image

thanks for the explainer

says this:
CMC MAG-E01-00

Thanks :slight_smile:

These media are not very good. Maybe it’s a bad burn. Benq 1640 is a very good reader, so maybe HP is a little picky on reading bad burned discs.

Can you use your benq to do a scan and post here?

One possible cause is that HP don’t have correct strategies in firmware to burn these 16x media. If this is true, the only things that you can do to solve this problem are update firmware or use a different media.

thanks. i treid to find out what the firmware was for this drivre as well as what the stupid model number was so i could chow her how to update it. I could not, for the life of me, figure it out. I tried lloking at the box, the drive, the drive specs in my coputer’s device manage, etc. any thoughts?

Try to use cd-dvd speed or nero infotool: they both show this information