Burned DVD's hangs a mid point

newbie Jim here. I just installed Sonys new DRU-700a Dual layer buner and I’m having issue with copies. i’m using DVD Drycpter, dvd shrink, clone DVD2 & Nero 6. the movie Shrek (WS) hangs on chapter 8 everytime when burned with the listed software. all extras were removed from the back up. i now have 5 costers. blanks are Verbatim +R X8/ OS XP pro. any help is greatly Appreciated!


Howdy Jim,

Playback problems are often indicative of poor burn/media quality, or at the very least, average burn quality combined with playback devices that are very ‘picky’ about what they can read.

What players have you tried to play it back on? Specifically the brand of standalone (home-entertainment) player(s) and the software you tried to play back with on your PC. Also, what type of media are you using?

Unfortunately, DVD burning is not a totally ‘mature’ technology- many people cannot get it to ‘just work’ right out of the box. But you should be able to find a specific media that gets good results with your combination of burner and standalone players.

Verbatim DVD +R 8X is the media. i find it strange it locks at the same place everytime, regardless of software used to rip? it locks up on my pc, using the sony DRU-700a drive as well as a liteon (not sure model).pc viewing software is the Nero showtime and power DVD) stand alone sony DVP-NS725P (two Different units), and my friends toshiba (not sure model)
thanks for the advice!!
AMD 1.2
1GB ram


To narrow down your problem even more, I would suggest trying to copy another, different DVD and see if the problem persists. If the problem consistently occurs at a specific point, the problem could be a bad speed shift by your DVD burner. DVD burners use a CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) write strategy- that is, they burn first a section at 4x, then at 6x, and finally, at 8x (for 8x media). When these upshifts occur, many people see a dramatic increase in detected errors, which could choke a playback device into submission.

If your Lite-On is a DVD burner, you can go to the Lite-On section of this forum and download K-Probe: a small, free utility that will analyze the error levels of your burnt DVDs. K-Probe will also tell you the media code of your blanks (which is not always consistent with the labeled brand of the media. Armed with that info, you can go to the DVD media test area of this forum and search for peoples’ experiences with the same media.

I’m also facing the same prob. I have a nu ddw-081 and i tried backuing up my original dvd 5 movie and mine stops midway too. I tried it on pc-dvdrom as well as dvd players and they all stop at the same place. Its as though the copy protection is in play. :confused:

Thanks for the info! all movies were haging around the same point using Verbatim DVD+R 8X.
i bought a pack of Sony DVD-R, Memorex DVD+R and Verbatim Digital Movie DVD-R to test with.
using a dual layer movie, (mystic river) i burnt one of each. no trouble!! seems the trouble was the media!? (Verbatim 8X DVD+R)
all of the new media was 4X.

AMD 1.2
RAM 1 gb
Nero 6.0
sony dur-700a burner