Burned DVD's going bad again!

Hopefully this is the right forum for my problem. I have 3 NEC 3520’s, a NEC 3540 and a Sony 510 recorders. Heres the problem. Early this year I noticed that DVD movie’s I burned 6+ months earlier wouldn’t play on my set top players anymore. I would get pixilating and eventually the player would lock up. I have 2 JVC players and a Philips. These players played these movies fine right after I burned them, I’ve watched every one. To my suprise, these discs developed alot of bad blocks as checked with CD/DVD Speeds scan disc and also DVD Info Pro. I scan every disc I burn with these utilities right after I burn them and have never had any bad blocks show up, but yet after 6 months these discs are full of errors. Now these were a medley of discs including CMC, RichoJPN, and Verbatims. So now I re-record about 300 movies on Ritek 8x DVD+Rs which are R03s and some Optodiscs. Last night a grab a disc I recorded 7 months ago to the day, put it in my player and it locks up tight. Grab another discs that was 6 months old and it played for about 5 minutes before it started skipping and pixilating. I put these discs in 2 of my Lite-On readers in 2 of my PC’s and scanned them, Once again full of errors. I checked a few more and they too have errors as well. Now heres something I really don’t understand. When I copy a movie I use either DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink to make an ISO image of the movie. I burn the ISO either with Nero or DVD Decrypter, then I WinRAR the ISO file into 50mb parts, generate some par’s and burn that to another DVD as a data DVD-Rom. I just scanned some of the backups and they have no errors, even the cheap CMC discs are fine, It’s just the discs burned as movies going bad. Can anyone tell me why these discs are failing ??? I have music CD’s I burned 5 years ago, stored the same way, in jewel cases and their fine, with no errors and most of my CD’s are cheap free after rebate CMC’s. I do use Stomper labels but I can’t see them as being a problem. DVD’s unlike CD’s have the recording layer sandwiched between 2 discs so the adhesive isn’t coming into contact with it. It also can’t be a balance issue as these DVD’s test fine when freshly burned. I can’t be the only one having this problem yet I haven’t see it mentioned before. Anyone have any idea’s ???


CDs are simply not DVDs and cannot compared that way…

Content on burned media becomes unreadable sooner or later, depending on the usage, storing method, quality etc…

But only after 6 months ??? Have you had this problem ???

They’re very similar to each other, Lexan discs and organic dyes.

It’s the labels. I’m in the process of reburning some 150 disc that I put labels on when I first started burning DVDs. It is easier for me than removing the labels. Some of the better brand discs still play well but are showing much higher PIFs than I would like, so I’m redoing them all. If in doubt about the labels soak the label off and see how much better they play or scan. These are kept in a Sony 300 and or 400 disc player so nobody sees the labels any how.

How does the label do this ??? The adhesive doesn’t come into contact with the dye and if it were a balance issue they wouldn’t have scanned good when I recorded them. I would think the labels would damage a CD which it hasn’t so far…


Don’t really know how, it may warp the disc as the label shrinks, may be that it messes up the reflected area, un balance( I doubt) the disc??? Just soak a label off one that won’t play and then try it. ( This is with DVDs )

a lotta my discs only make it to 9 months if they are used a bit … labels might cause warping due to spinning and having uneven balance, but i haven;t seen this cause too much of problems yet.

How do you remove the labels safely ???

No way, you would easily destroy the media and it’s content.

Try laying them in a handwarm water/dishwashing solvation (as normally using for doing the dishes) for an hour. Its the most friendly way i think.

Maybe your player is more “picky” than others, did you try it in your computer dvd drive, or at another dvd player yet?
With readability its up to more then one parameter.

Of coarse I did, Thats how I know they’re full of bad blocks…

Use warm water with dish soap and soak what you can of the label off. Use a product called Goo-Gone to remove any left on glue, rinse and dry.

Can you tell the PIE anf PIF averages ?
All burned dvd’s got “bad blocks”.
I’ve got two players, one never left me alone, the other one did. The error correction mechanism in the players differs alot.
That’s why i asked if another player maybe plays your disc’s without any problems and maybe will be playing them without them for along time.

No way Chef, it can be done and its not even hard to do.

Ok, then is a way, but the accidential destruction can be done very easily. :wink: