Burned dvd's freezing now and than



i have a liteon 1633s

2,4ghz pc
512 mb
fuji 8x +dvd

when i watch the burned dvd on several dvdplayers or a pc, it now and then freezes for a seccond…

any ideas?
the media is fine (seen that in several tests)
not running any programs during burning…


@ nijland
You may want to post a few Kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scans of the offending discs scanned at 4x scan speed(the forum standard for comparison). After the scan(about 14 minutes) select the diskette icon on the toolbar before ejecting disc, and save as a .png file. Attach to a post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean.



i have no idea what it all means, just double checked it, it freezes/skips on the pc, the cinema set and the dvdrecorder


nijland, according to that KProbe scan with a PI Max of only 25 and a PIF Max of 2
the disk should play without any problems at all. Now if it was over a PI Max of 280
and I believe a PIF Max of over 32 then I could see it not playing right in the players.
I’m at a loss to be able to say why it is doing that freezing/skipping since the scan
really looks that good :confused:


your scans look great.
what programs are you using to encode your movies…
almost seems maybe your multi taking while the movie is encoding
or somthing… with a scans like that… the disc should play in s VCR haha
just kidding…
i think its the code your putting on the disc…cause the disc looks fine


ripping with decrypter and burning with shrink(nero6)
various speeds


what version of nero?
and why not burn with decrpyter?
shrink is good and free…
but you there are better encoders
i like clonedvd
try the trial


nero 6600,
i didnt even know you could burn with decrypter


there is a newer nero 6606
might be your problem


updated it and also updated the firmware and updated decrypter
will try tomorrow


@ Nijland
Hey that is a great scan! You didn’t answer PHENOM, and his suggestion that maybe you are multi-tasking during the rip, or maybe using high compression and not running ‘deep analysis’ in DVDShrink. It is like you are getting excellent burns of corrupt data.


it seems to be ok now…

have watched 3 burned dvd’s without errors


i might have been multitasking with dc++ or grabbit


Multitasking, in and of itself, shouldn’t be a problem with Shrink. Shrink is designed to run in low priority. I often run 2 simultaneous compressions at once, and have never seen a problem. I also burn while running Shrink. All the above runs 100% CPU usage. Never seen any playback problems that I can associate with these practices, but of course YMMV.

There may be something about the way you are chosing to shrink that’s causing navigation problems.


Hi, im new at this forum, im having the same problem on my Liteon 1633, the Disks that im using are Ridata 8X ( Ritek R03-02 ) and im getting some freezing every now and then, usually around 3 to 4 times, and its the same spots in the movie, it doesnt happen if i watch the movie on my 1633, it only happens on my apex dvd player and my DVD-Rom, Im using firmware BS0S, wich is the best one that works for me on Ritek R03, im using Clonedvd to make the backups.


you should post a picture of a 4x scan, that’s the standart scan-speed in the liteon forum.

the scan isn’t good. there are 18 errors…


Sorry i didnt even notice, here is the scan at 4X


I too was having the same freezing problems. However, I also
played around with the different new Firmwares with Omnmipatcher that were posted.
When I went back to the original Firmware that Lite-on suggested the freezing
had stopped. The Firmware bumping the 812 to an 832 works fine. I just use
the reconmended 832 Firmware. I just use Omnipatcher to rid the blinking light.