Burned dvds dont work in settop player

I have been trying to learn how to backup DVDs without much success. I have downloaded everything I can find and read all the help files and discussion groups. I have tried to copy just the movie file - without the extras and without the menu, however, the DVDs will only play on my PC DVD player/writer.

I have used DVD Decryptor to rip the entire DVD to my HD.

I have used Ifoedit 0.932 to edit the files, and to create the extra files needed (i click on ‘VOB extras’ and ‘get VTS sector’ as per downloaded instructions

I burn the DVD with Nero

Everything seems to work except that the DVDs dont play on settop DVD player. I have used both FWS-R discs and White Label-RW discs

Any help greatly appreciated


Have you tryed them in another standalone dvd-player.

Maybe your dvd-player isn’t compatible with dvd (-)(+) discs??

i heard that u must burn dvds with udf standard, else they won’t work… i believe you’ve done it, but who knows? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried not to use crap media? And yes, you must use UDF, but I don’t know if UDF is enough, or if UDF/ISO bridge is required. Burn them using Nero -> DVD-Video.

for a list of compatability of your stand alone dvd player loo here;


Thanks for the suggestions - we’re getting there.

I found a short DVD (Run Lola Run 77min) and tried a direct copy using nero (‘copy DVD’ option). I did not get any copyright protection message, and it seemed to go ok. BUT, the DVD would not play on either of my settop DVD recorder (I tried Cyberhome 528 and Hitachi).

I then tried copying an image of the same DVD to the HD using DVD Decryptor and then writing that image back to a DVD using DVD Decryptor, again. This worked perfectly.

It therefore seems that there is something fundamentally wrong with nero5.5.9.14. Which is a pain, as I cannot seem to write anything other than DVD images with DVD Decryptor.

At least we are making progress!

in 2 - 3 weeks a get my sony dvd burner (dru500a) and will try the same stuff as you did.

then report back

My Pioneer 545 set top player is DVD-R friendly
tho are very poor when it comes to layer changes :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh … Imagine me trying to give advice to anyone !:stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, hey, my first ever DVD writer is still in the box ! :rolleyes:
(It’s a Sony DRU500A)

And the only reason I bought it was to test a software package that hasen’t even been released yet !!! (It’s due out for download this Friday or Saturday.) :confused:

But just maybe it’s the answer for both of us, 'cause I wanted to do exactly what you are talking about in this post. :eek:

The software is DVDXCOPY by 321Studio. I heard about on slashdot this week, and I figure the Hollywood types will obliterate it in maybe two days. :cop:

To use it (they say) you just load the original DVD in a DVD-ROM, and a blank in your DVD burner.
Then you start the program.
The program gives you two choices to click on; COPY and CANCEL.
That’s it! And it’s just right for my level of competencein the relm of DVD … - err “back-up”.
THANK YOU, 321 STUDIO! :bow:

That is, of course, IF the program works.
And IF the new Sony DVD drive works.
And IF the blank media I buy works in the Sony drive.
And IF the new dual Athlon PC I just built works.
And IF if Windows XP works (… hey! there’s a first time for everything!)
And IF the final “back-up” will work in my old Apex 703 DVD Player.

Anyway, if you are interested the URL is:

And you might want to ask around here about there other programs, to see if they are any good or stinkers. :Z
The programs are:
DVD Copy Plus 4.2
PowerCDR 5
DVD Photo Pro 3.0

The URL is:

Please bear in mind, I haven’t USED any of their stuff - yet.
I’m just real hopefull!:cool:

dvdxcopy says it can copy dvd’s without compressing

but 2 layer dvd’s can’t be copied without extracting stuff or compressing…

it just won’t fit on a blank dvd

or it has to split it…that is what the site says

quick update - i’ll have more time to investigate next week.

I’ve now managed four successful discs. I’ve duplicated the procedure and produced coasters, so I’m starting to wonder if I have some weird pc harware problem (it being a new pc). Gonna buy some replacement memory and see if that helps…

Well, I recieved the “DVD Copy Plus” from 321 Studios last night.
(The “DVDXCOPY” still isn’t available for download, as expected.)

As to my last post:


These CLOWNS require an interactive ACTIVATION each time you install the software!

:Z :Z :rolleyes:

This makes Micro$oft XP look like opensource.

My apologies to anyone who didn’t check out the company first. :o

Of course this dosen’t answer the question “Does it WORK?”

The only good thing about this company is an offer to refund your (and I hope my) purchase price for 30 days.
I guess I’ll get to test THIS too.

I will, however, install and test both programs (as far as my hardware will let me - I don’t have video-in).

I’ll let you know how both go.