Burned dvds do not work

i have try to burn several data cd, with avi files on, it burn them witout problems, but then i try to play the vi files, they all won’t work…

i’m using nero 6 se oem

what must i do, to get my dvds to work… i have thrown about 10 disc out this way, they are all verbatim dvd+r

You’re trying to play them in a DVD stand alone player or using your DVD-ROM?

Are you trying to play them as dvds? or just play them on you pc as avi?

i’m trying to play then as avi… i have both trying my wn pc and my laptop…
i have a plextor 712a…

i have just tried to brun a dvd with deepburner, its the same problem…

I am assuming they play fine before you burn them? What media are you using?

they play fine on my hdd, i use verbatim dvd+r 8x discs

You can`t just burn avi files to a dvd as data and play the in a dvd player, a divx player might be able to handle them.

you first have to covert avis to dvd format with nero vison express. if you use the search for avis to dvd you`ll find instructions.

i know what, i can’t play them on my computer!!

what motherboard/chipset are you using?
Some NForce2 mobos using NVidia’s IDE drivers will cause DVD’s to not work. I had a friend that could record to a DVD, and afterwards could browse the contents, but the data on the DVD was corrupt.

and old soltek motherboard with a durom 800 mhz processor
384 sd mb ram

He’s just trying to play them on his pc as AVIs not in a stand alone.
The only thing I can think is that the drive can’t read them fast enough. Can you see the files in explorer?

it says: "ClassFactory Cannot Supply Requested Class then i try to play a avi file either from dvd or cd

i can browse the files

That means the player you are using does not have access to the correct codec. Try playing with another media player.

There is a confusion here, your title of your post says DVD but your post says CD which one are you trying to resovle the issue?.

acually it both dvd and cd’s it won’t play, i have tried 3 or 4 different media players they all say the same thing

sorry tasselhof i thought you was trying to make dvd`s.

have you tried Divx player?

if all your attempts fail you could do as i suggested and covert avis to dvd format at least then youll have no problem playing your films.

I have the same problem. I can burn dvd back-ups fine, but when I burn AVI’s, mp3’s, and mpeg files as data, I can’t play them on my PC. I also tried to play them on my RJTECH 1500 Global DIVX/DVD player and still no go. I can browse with both the player and PC but whenever I try to play the files, it just sits there. I hear the drive moving but no picture or sound. I believe it’s probably the software because DVDs work fine when I burn with DVD Decrypter.