Burned DVD

Hi All,
Can anyone help? I’ve burned a selection of home movies to DVD-R…
Plays OK on my computer. but not in a DVD player…Can someone
tell me what to do please as I’m a newbie.
Thank You

what media, speed and burn program?

Made with Camtasia…Burned to disk using WMP…Speed. no idea.
Sorry really new to this…Thanks for reply.

Camtasia is a video/screen recording/capture app, so I doubt it created a proper DVD structured file(s)…What format did you feed WMP?..

Well I couldn’t import my home movies into WMM, so I used Camtasia to
produce them. Uploaded them to desktop, dragged it onto playlist and burned them onto DVD-R using WMP. This is my first burn so I can always do it again with the right advice.
Thanks for reply.

What did Camtasia create, an .mpg file, .avi or what?..
If avi, use a converting app to re-encode and convert to DVD, and burn with reliable media(e.g Verbatim or TY etc…And burn with the best ([B]JMHO[/B]) burning app, IMGBURN…
Try AVStoDVD, FAVC, ConvertxtoDVD, DVDFlick…for converting…

Used Custom Production Settings to produce a WMV file with 640x480
dimensions largest video size.

Any of the apps I mentioned and, AviDemux, should handle your WMV input…

Thank You !

Cool, and do let us know what best works for you…Good luck!..:cool: