Burned dvd



Hey guys,
Just need abit of advice really. I’ve backed up a full dvd using dvdfab, and edited it with vob blanker. I couldn’t open with dvd shrink, so then tried using fix vts, which seemed to work fine and open in shrink. Backed up to hd ok. Burned movie, but dosen’t work on my standalone dvd player. It plays in power dvd, but starts by playing movie instead of showing menus etc. Everything seems to be arranged wrong. My question is really, can i use ripit4me to sort out the prob dvd? I take it the movie still has fake cells etc in it and thats why i’m having probs.
I still have the original full movie back up on my hd if thats any use?
Cheers for any reply!


You’ll need to give more information.
What’s the name of the movie?
What processing did you do with VobBlanker?
VobBlanker usually gives compliant files. You may have blanked something that was needed.
What program did you use to burn.
What type media did you use?
Can you post the burn log file?
Without this we’re just guessing.


The movie was Alvin & chipmunks
I removed trailers and kept pretty much everything else
I used shrink to burn dvd (unsure of brand - white printable)
Sorry no log file - currently at work!


Forgot to add. I also thought i might have blanked something i shouldn’t. If it helps, shrink will let me re-author but not do full disc.


Shrink does not burn.
It called on either Nero, DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn.
They all create log files.
You don’t know the name of the blanks you bought?


Sorry, i meant dvd decrypter. I now remember, the brand were “A one” white printables. These have been burning ok, so they aren’t the prob.


When you get home, please post the log file.
If you used DVD Decrypter, it will be in Decrypter’s folder.


Well since you’re using the free DVDFab, and not the Platinum version which will create a customized DVD (much,much easier), you most likely blanked something needed as Dialysis1 stated…If I was doing it I’d just use Shrink in Re-author mode and backup main movie only,unless you want to keep some of the other krap…
But if you want to do it the hard way, here you go and have fun reading…:wink: