Burned Dvd won't work pn home dvd player

I have downloaded some moves useing utorrent and they came in as and i opened them form the rar files then form the iso file that they came in and then i used nero to burn the dvd files that it came with to a dvd 5 and put it into put it into one of my dvd players and it said that the file may not have the video playback feature and the other dvd player played it but with no sound and it was in black and white with the picture moving and having bars going through it like a tv channel you can’t get. But my computer can play the disc just fine and in color. What do I do?

Possibly a conflict between TV formats, namely PAL & NTSC.

If It is that what do i do?

you have to convert the files over to which tv standard works in your country…PAL…NTSC…or NTSC…PAL

I’m not to good at this so what are the steps?

Never Mind about the steps I found out what it was after trying a new dvd player. The dvd player that i just tried was a newer one so it was able to play it becaouse of the playback feature.