Burned DVD won't play on standalone dvd player

Hi guys. I made a dvd backup movie using a Sony DRU530a. When I try to play on my Panasonic standalone dvd player, it doesn’t play, but when I try to do it using my Sony player, it plays with no problem. I don’t know what could be happening. I’ve tried different software: CloneDVD, Nero, InterVideoDVD Copy.

The DVD I’m backing up is another burned DVD, and it plays with no problem. Could I be doing something wrong? What are the steps on burning a DVD movie?? I’d appreciate your help.

Which type of dvd did you use + or -, RW or R?

Panasonic tends to prefer quality -R media. Which media are you using and if you are using +R, did you set the booktype on your burner to DVD-ROM? (or can you even do that on your burner?).

I’m using DVD+R (Memorex). About the booktype how can I set it? Excuse me, but I’m newbie on this. What is booktype?