Burned DVD won't play on my computer

I recently borrowed a movie from a friend. The movie is written to a DVD-R disc. He told me when I borrowed it that it doesn’t work on regular DVD player, and that I’d have to watch it on my computer. When I insert the disc into my computer, the autorun opens the ‘Select action to take’ dialog box, and all of the actions are for burning a DVD, not watching. When I open the DVD folder, there are no files in it, even when I try to view hidden files and system files.

I’ve tried watching it with VLC media player, Windows Media Player, DIVX, and WINDVD. VLC gets an error, and everything else just opens a blank folder. I know there is a movie on the disc, but I can’t figure out how to watch it. When I click on Disc Properies, it says there are 0 bytes used and 0 bytes available.

Does anyone have any idea why it would be doing this? Thank you for your help.

if you have 0 bytes used its safe to assume there is nothing on the disk

on the other hand…it might be burned as a data disk hence not being able to be played on a home dvd player

That’s exactly the problem. It says 0 bytes used, so you’d think it’s empty, but then, if 0 bytes were used, it would say 1.7 GB available. Instead, it says 0 bytes available. So, there’s no space used, and no space available. That’s virtually impossible. It has to use some space, just for the computer to be able to recognize it as a disc.

Does it look like the disk has been burned at all? If so then maybe he forgot to finalise it.

Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , disk info tab , might tell you more.