Burned dvd wont play on dvd player

alright im a noob to this forum thing i only read them but never posted anything up Alright i backed up some dvds on my laptop using a program thats called burn 4 free using my pioneer dvd-rw burner thats i know about that using a maxwell dvd+r going at a speed of 8 when it was complete i tried to play on my dvd player and it said “incorrect disc” then i tried it on another one and it told me “error this dvd may not support the play back option please eject disc” can some one please help me i dont want to have wasted money on this laptop just cuz it had a dvd burner that doesnt work and barely start using it after the warranty is over by the way its some sort of ACER brand PS PLease help me

please can any body please help a noobie out

You burnt +R medias… Some standalones don’t read +R DVDs. I don’t know exactly which burner you own but, if it cans, you will have to change the booktype to DVDROM or use -R medias!!!
Please go into the pioneer forum with the exact model of burner and ask there if it can deal with the bitsetting (to change your booktype)!!

thank you so much