Burned DVD won't play--details included

A friend gave me a burned DVD with a video taken from a camcorder. My CPU drive will read it and play it through Windows Media Center, but neither of my DVD players will. One is older (a Toshiba VSH/DVD combo) and one is newer (within two years), a Sony Upconvert (DVD only).

The Toshiba says “Incorrect Disc”.

The Sony give me a message something like “Playback restricted by area limitations.”

I thought, hey, cheap disc. Even though my players will generally accept crappy media like Memoxex, I’ll just rip the files and re-burn them to a Tayo Yuden.

I used ImgBurn to rip the files and it gave me an .IFO and a .MDS (content has a menu). Also used ImgBurn to re-burn the files to a new disc. Well, same problem. Won’t play back for me.

So now I’m wondering…where does the problem lie?

[QUOTE=LadyJemima;2501072]The Sony give me a message something like “Playback restricted by area limitations.”[/QUOTE]

This is a possible clue to the problem; it’s likely that either the DVD is region free and your Sony player rejects region free disks, or that the region code on the disk doesn’t match the one for the player.

I’d suggest ripping the disk with DVD Shrink and setting the region code to match your player (i.e. region 1 for USA, region 2 for UK, Europe etc.). DVD Shrink will also ensure that the DVD folder structure meets the DVD Video standard.



It may be that the dvd movie was made using PAL standards rather than NTSC standards (or vice-versa). If you are located in the US, you need NTSC dvds. Most of the rest of the world uses PAL.

Examine the VTS_01_1.vob file within the Video_TS folder with MediaInfo and see the specifications used in the dvd-video.

PAL or NTSC standard dvds will play just fine in a computer.

Edit: Midders has shown another possibility, and solution. :slight_smile:

Yep, a usual PAL versus NTSC issue.

That was it–thank you very much!