Burned dvd will not play in dvd player


I recently got married and had a dvd made by a pro videographer.

I’m trying to burn it so I can put the original away safe.

I have tried using windows media, nero and DIVX.

DVD is saying video sucessfully burned to disc each time but it will not play on any of my 3 dvd players.

it either says wrong disc, or cannot play disc on the players.

not sure what i’m doing wrong.

any pointers or tips would be great thanks.

So, the original plays O.K in your players? What burner, brand of disk, and burn speed are you using? You can try Imgburn, http://www.imgburn.com/, just use “Create Image File From Disk” and then “Write Image File to Disk”. Try burning the disk at half the rated speed.

A good copy doesnt mean it would play also well.

Just answer whappos questions.

If you’re using DVD+R DL (8.5GB) media (and only +R DL, not sure about any other), you need to set the booktype bit to DVD-ROM when burning so your player recognizes it.

With Nero (preferably recent version), go in Choose Recorder and in options, advanced, and set the booktype to DVD-ROM.

For Lite-on burners, use K-Probe program and google for a tutorial on how to use it. Nero disabled booktype in it’s program for Lite-on at the latter’s request (why is still a mystery to many).

You could verify if this also applies to DVD+R 4.5GB. I can tell you that if your media is DVD-R 4.5GB, there should never be a problem and should always play in DVD players without any kind of tweaking.