Burned DVD-RWs showing up as blanks


Our harddrive has grown overcluttered with home movies, and we decided to move a bulk of them onto DVD-RWs. The problem is, now some 15 discs into it, we’re realizing that the disks are showing up as blank!

A few details:

Memorex DVD-RW discs
Ashampoo Burning Studio 7
Optiarc DVD-RW AD-5530A ATA Device
Windows Vista

Each burn was completed with no logs to the error file, and the session was closed and the disc ejected by Ashampoo. When we attempt to open the discs in explorer, it reads as empty and gives us a dialog box asking us to format the disc.

Please help with this, as this is hours and hours of footage that’s now gone and deleted. My fault here, but system restore is also off. A valuable lesson learned, at the least.

Have just two things to say
1.) DVD-RW disc’s is a poor choice to burn videos on, they degrade fast over time and become un-usable after so many re-writes
2.) Memorex is another bad choice of brand of media, they make good products as far as recording tapes but not in disc’s they buy from other companies(low quality) and put their name on them.

One would do well to NOT use Memorex, which often code out as CMC MAG, bottom of the blank media barrell.

Taiyo Yuden

Are generally heradled as the preferred blank media to use.

Good luck!