Burned DVD-R's always fail [Evil_king]

Hi, i’m new to the forum and i had no idea where to post this, so i’ll just put it here.

I have a really long-running problem concerning the burning of DVD’s and then playing them on different players. The situation is this:

Used burners:

  • NEC ND-2500A (thrown away after a flashing to firmware 1.07 killed it)
  • NEC ND-3450A (original firmware)

Used readers:

  • NEC 3450A
  • LiteOn DVD-ROM LTD163
  • AEG DVD 4502 (standalone)
  • Pioneer XV-DVD55 (standalone)

Used media:

  • Nashua DVD+R 4x (media code CMC MAG F01)
  • Samsung 4x DVD-R (media code BeAll G40001)

Used software:

  • Nero 6.3 (at first)
  • Alcohol 120% (now)

When i first bought my 2500A, i used it to burn a DVD-movie (ISO-image) to a Nashua DVD+R. (This one to this day is the only one that still plays fine in my AEG and in the new 3450A; the others don’t support +R)

Then i realized that the Pioneer standalone (down in my livingroom) cant play DVD+Rs (its an older thing), so i decided to flash the firmware so that i could set the booktype to -ROM. Did that, and indeed, it now played them.
So i burned all of my DVD-movies right away (both ISO as well as files (VOB etc)), but when i tried to play these, green blocks (i believe you call them artifacts) started appearing halfway though, and then the discs froze up.

Only AFTER this, not before, did DVDinfo show errors when read testing them. So i figure something must have gone wrong when playing them the first time

First i figured it could be the media, so i switched to Samsungs. The problem stayed however, and in frustration, i declared that my 2500A had been screwed up by the firmware upgrade. So i got rid of it.

Now i have a 3450A, i still use the same Samsung media (same spindle still), and i’ve tried a number of different approaches to see if i could filter out what i’m doing wrong:

  • use another app. (Alcohol instead of nero)
  • lower burn-speed (2x instead of 4x)
  • no label-sticker
  • tested it at a friend’s place

The frustrating thing is, when i recently burnt a disc at 2x, without a label sticker, it seemed to work fine. I tested this disc over 8 times in all my players, and they all played fine. But when i did the same thing with another movie, it froze up in my AEG the first time, while in my LiteOn it just keeps playing (3 tests so far). Haven’t had the chance to test it in the 3450, since it’s actually on my brother’s pc.

So my question about this is: what other things can i do?

On another note, what are the best media to buy? I keep hearing good strories about TY’s, and also Verbatim, but they don’t sell those near me. How about the Samsungs, or Sony, Philips? Can these be considered good media?

That’s about it. Tnx in advance for any tips :bow:

Media problem, i’d recommend you to go with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

Crap media, really.

Just tested another DVD on my Pioneer and i found that it was quite warm after playback (disc worked correctly).
Maybe the heat could also be a cause of my problems with this player…

Any disc played or burned warms up regardless of whether it is a DVD or CD. Listed to what chef and rapid have said it is crap media. If you just want to test Verbatim you can buy singles in a lot of places, and if it works then you can pay out for spindles.