Burned dvd-r won\'t play on PC (NEC ND-3450A)



[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-3450A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Have an NEC 3450A in my DELL PC - Dell’s info says it both burns & reads dvd+/-r /rw: Here’s the specs:

DVD+R (SL, DL) * Yes Yes
DVD+RW Yes Yes
DVD-R Yes Yes
DVD-RW Yes Yes

Pretty straitfwd, yes? So, burned a photo dvd w/ Sony dvd-r via Picasa w/ Picasa auto-play slide show for my wife’s parents, but it won’t play on my PC. In fact, when inserted into the NEC dvd it either does absolutely nothing, or makes my PC reboot and freezes up the PC & I have to remove the disk and do a hard-reboot before anything will work. Checked all the usual: auto-play setup says “ask me” etc. The really odd thing is it plays on my wife’s IBM laptop ok and plays on the Sony DVD player on the TV - just not on the PC/dvd that burned it!

Have read about the freak-show of compatibility issues in this area: the 'arcane world of compatibility" foisted upon the seething masses by the manufactureres, but you’d think a dvd burned on a particular drive would play on it, wouldn’t you? What a concept: How 'bout a simple standard instead of every vendor - software or hardware - making up their own agendas and marketing non-compatible products? Should end-users really have to be constantly figuring out what works w/ what?

Would like: a) info and solution to above problem; and
b) perhaps a recommendation on a new hrd/sftware combo that actually works the way you’d expect …

Also have Sonic Record Now v. 7 (old OEM) and WMP 11. Would 1 of these ‘burn Baby burn’? CD-r’s burned w/ Picasa work just fine. It’s just the dvd’s that give k-nyptions.

Thanks for the edgy-cation.


First guess would be the burner itself. Could be dirty or failing.

Fixing (a) will also solve (b).