Burned DVD-R on DVD player

So I have a JVC DVD/VCR recorder, not sure of the model number, but I recently copied a VHS to a DVD-R using it.

The DVD-R plays for certain on the same DVD player, however it won’t play on my friend’s DVD player that generally does play DVD-R’s.
So that’s the first issue. Wondering if there might be any specific reason that it wouldn’t play on some DVD players.

Secondly, upon insertion into both the computers of my friend and I, the DVD-R does not work. When I put it in my computer, the D: drive says there’s nothing in it. And all software I’ve tried to use in playing or editing or viewing the files, etc. show that the disc is empty. So that’s my main concern. How would one go about viewing the files on a DVD-R that was burned on a standalone DVD recorder/payer, preferably to use the files to reproduce copies via a computer.


Are you sure you finalized the dvd in the dvd recorder?

With my older Pioneer I have a choice of recording in VR mode or Video mode. Video mode produces a standard DVD with a VIDEO_TS folder.

So yeah, I feel stupid.
The disc had not been finalized.

Thanks for the help.