Burned DVD+R on 3520A is not able to play in Philips DVDR70

Please help, I just finally bought my first computer DVD recorder but unfortunately I haven´t been able to burn any DVDs that I can watch on my stand-alone Philips DVDR70 player that I have to my TV. I try to burn an ISO file of a DVD from my harddrive to a DVD+R disc and everything just seams to work out fine. The DVD is burned and I can watch the movie on my computer DVD players but I can not watch it in my Philips player even if this supports the DVD+R media. If I burn the same ISO file in DVD+R format at a friends house then I have no problem watching the film on my Philips DVD player. To burn I have tried using Nero and also Alcohol 1.9.5. As I am new to DVD burning I have read some in this forum and also asked around along my friends. Can the firmware in my DVD writer prevent me from burning those kind of files correctly so that I have to flash another firmware into my writer? None of my friends have done this with there DVD writers (not the same brand) and never heard that you should have to do this, but in the forum I read alot about reflashing the writer with newer and cracked firmware. Does anyone know what the problem can be? I have tried 3 different ISO files with the same result. My DVD writer is a NEC DVD-RW ND-3520A. I really want to make this DVD writer work.
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There could be many reasons why the burned discs wont play on your set top player.

1, Is your media good, have you burned your media on your friends PC’s?
2, Are the ISO files authored correctly with a DVD-Video complient file set?
3, Your set top player may require DVD+R booktype to set as DVD-ROM, if this is the case you will require a firmware that supports bitsetting for +R media.
4, have you scanned any of your burned discs using Nero CD-Speed to check on the burn quality?
5, Does the discs you have burned play on your friends set top players?

Most ‘older’ Philips DVD-Recorders only like burned DVD media with bitsetting. So I think you will be best off with the Liggy/Dee firmware. You can download that from my site (see link in signature) or from Ligge & Dee’s site.

Keep in mind when flashing modified firmware, you will void your warranty!

Hi guys, woow you are replying fast :-). Thanks for your time.
I have now tried my burned DVD on my friends set top player and I was able to play the DVD there. As I can see it this means that the DVD media is OK and that the ISO file is OK but my Philips player is not compatible with the format that I burn with my computer NEC writer. This sounds strange because my Philips DVD set top player is also a writer that only writes +R and +RW so it really should support the +R format that I burn with my NEC writer. Or is a computer written +R disc not the same as a set top DVD writer’s +R format. And why is the disc that I burned on my friends computer OK in my player? This was also +R and the same sort of DVD media. I have not yet had time to analyze the disc with NERO CD-Speed but will do that very soon. I would like to test your new firmware but before I do this I want to make sure that it is nothing wrong with my writer so that I don´t ruin my warranty of a not correctly working writer. Any more idéas, its greatly appreciated?

First: You Philips DVD recorder burns the DVD+R on a different way than you NEC burner in your PC.

Second: Your friend has another DVD burner than the NEC you have. Maybe his DVD+R is written with bitsetting (DVD-ROM) and therefor is played on your Philips recorder.

I think (know for sure) that your Philips DVD recorder cann’t play self burnerd DVD+R’s that don’t have bitsetting. Try to flash your NEC burner with the Liggy/Dee firmware and read the NEC FAQ about bitsetting. You will see then that your bunerd DVD will play on your Philips recorder.

Yesterday I flashed my NEC DVD to the new Liggy/Dee 2.U2 firmware but that didn´t help. I changed the default setting of bitsetting to DVD-ROM for both +R and +RW with the tool WinBType. Then I burned the iso file on a +RW disc and checked it with Nero CD/DVD speed. Now it says that it is DVD-ROM and before it said DVD+RW. So, flashing of the new firmware and setting bitsetting seams to be OK. But it still won´t play in my Philips DVDR70 player. When I put the disc in it just sais “Disc contains unknown data. Erase or eject?” on the screen. When I put the disc in my NEC writer and start the movie using PowerDVD a question appears that says “Do you want to play this DVD from the beginning or continue from where you were?” If I choose “from the beginning” it starts OK. This was just the same as before I flashed the new firmware. What do I try next?
ps. If I analyze a burned DVD from my Philips DVDR70 in Nero CD/DVD speed it says +R and +RW and nothing about any bitsetting. ds.

I now also upgraded my firmware on my Philips DVDR70 to the newest one but that didn´t help either. Instead my new recordings on my Philips has worse quality so I can NOT recommend a firmware upgrade of this stand-alone player/writer. Does anyone have more suggestions or do I really have to buy a new DVD writer? Does anyone have a good computer DVD writer that you know for sure is compatible with Philips DVDR70 so at least I know what brand to buy?

@ smicker,

Why don’t you trying recording your DVD backup copy to good quality DVD-R media? Possibly your stand-alone Philips DVDR70 player likes DVD-R media better than DVD+ media.

Just because you recorded back of DVD copy plays in your friends stand alone desktop DVD player does not mean that the DVD does not contain errors. Strongly suggest taking the time to perform a ScanDisc Surface Scan of the problematic backup copies your have made with Nero CD Speed for possible errors (http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_401.zip).

You keep saying that your problem is related to your NEC ND-3520 but the problem is actually related to your stand-alone Philips DVDR70. Are you sure that the blank DVD media you are using is of known good quality. The problem you are describing is usually related to the use of low quality blank DVD media.

Using a utility software program similar to DVDInfo (http://www.dvdinfopro.com) please provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example: RitekG05) of the DVD Media you are using.

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