Burned DVD+R now shows zero bytes on files?

Burned a DVD+R a few moths ago with some data files on to a Datasafe Ritek-R03 using Sonic RecordNow 4.60 (like i’ve done many times before), disc burned fine at 8x and everything installed fine. Today some of the files are now being shown as empty, zero bytes all the way through the files so some EXE files now show just a DOS box icon so can’t be installed from this DVD? It was perfectly fine when I burned it and now it’s not!

I still have original CD’s to install from so not lost anything, just wondering why this has happened? The disc shows the same thing under Win98 as Win XP, can’t understand what’s happened!

Did a DVD-SPEED Transer Test and disc is fine, no CRC errors?

Ritek DVD media is not reliable and not only you but also many people have same problem. Use Taiyo yuden, Mitsubishi(Verbatim), Maxell, TDK, and Ricoh and GSC(Only made by new lines) DVD medias to preserve your data.

Yeah, I’ve read about Ritek having problems and even got a mailshot from UKDVDR about it once, but to just lose the data from the disc and not give any errors, it doesn’t make sense?

CMC and Prodisc, both are taiwanese manufacturers, are also good and cheap. GSC is good at south korea, however, I don’t know about it at other countries.