Burned DVD playback in black & white :(

Hi all,

I keep running into this problem:
about half teh movies i download and burn to disc playback very well on my PC. But i play them back on my DVD player the video is in black and white and the picture quality is, like, grainy.

Has anyone any clue what the problem is?



It is ilegal to download movies.

not all movies downloaded are illeagle, granted most worth burning to disc are…lets be fair…:slight_smile:

what are you using to transcode and or burn?

Chances are that they’re in the wrong format for your DVD player/TV combination. It’s a case of PAL & NTSC.

Some players/TVs won’t handle NTSC movies , for example if you’re in Europe, or won’t handle PAL movies , for example if you’re in North America.

Modern (1995+) TV’S & DVD players (2000+) are multisystem. Switch both your TV & DVD to “Multisystem” or “Auto” and it should fix the problem.

Only in your part of the world. In the USA, 99% of TV’s are NTSC only.

you dont say where you live but i will asume its not usa and your tv is a pal tv a lot of movies are in ntsc (usa tv system at 60 hz) this plays b/w on some pal tvs exspecially older models pal is 50 hz
check your dvd player manual see if you can change the output to pal most have 3 settings 1)auto 2)pal 3)ntsc some have pal60 instead of pal .default is usually auto change to pal or pal 60

if your tv has 2 scart sockets try the other socket some scarts are compatible some may not be

try changing the output of you dvd player to rgb or if its rgb change to composite

not all players have these features but most have 1 or a combination of these features may correct you problem

Per this post of his I would venture he is not in US.

However, I agree there is a PAL/NTSC conflict.