Burned DVD not recognized

I have backed up many DVD movies with very good results using DVD Shrink, Nero and my Dell D800 notebook with integrated DVD burner and using several different DVD+R media (eg Maxel, BenQ).

Last night I tried to back up 2 other DVDs using Mitsumi +R blanks and the burns seemed to work fine (ie. Shrink reported the burns as completed and finished DVDs ejected).

However when I tried to view the movies both DVDs were not even recognized by the DVD writer. In Nero InfoTool the disk info shows as “Open, not finalized”. Roxio’s Disc Info has a button to “Finalize session” but clicking this doesn’t change anything.

So - how do I close thiese 2 DVDs so I can play them (hopefully) in my PC and also my home DVD player?

What casued the problem with these 2 DVDs when all previous backups worked OK - is it the Mitsumi DVD+R media???

Try the old media. Use 4X burn speed. May want to remove/reload Shrink and Nero.