Burned DVD not recognized by LiteOn1693



Well, this is an interesting twist. A slideshow I created using Roxio VideoWave on a Verbatim DVD isn’t recognized by a Lite-On 1693s player, which was used to burn the DVD. Usually, the DVD players for TV use are the problem. The DVD does play on another laptop I have and also on the DVD player for the TV. And, yes, for good measure I have updated the firmware.
Any suggestions what may be going on?


Hi and welcome. Unfortunately, you have not provided enough information for anyone to offer any suggestions. Please read #4 of the Optical Drive forums’ posting guidelines (announced at the top of the forum and also linked to in my sig) for a list of information that you should provide.


Check to see if the DVD finalized.


As stated it is pretty hard to get as much info as I would like to provide. It would be pretty difficult at this time to get the media code when the DVD is not being read. For what it is worth it is a Verbatim Digital Movie DVD+R. Additionally, I can’t run any tests either…because?..the DVD is not being read.
The second poster mentioned finalizing the disc. I honestly can’t remember for sure. Normally, I would have. But if I didn’t…would that cause this problem? If so, that would greatly concern me since the disc can then only be used one time. Doesn’t seem to logical for a DVD that one would want to continue to add data too.
Anywho, sorry I cannot provide more info…would if I could. Just though the many experts who read this forum could supply at least a short list of very possible solutions.
Still quite concerned about this LiteOn DVD writer. As mentioned in my first post, a 4 year old laptop at work could read the disk almost instantly and a new Liteon which should be able to read almost any format, can’t? Wow…