Burned DVD- ..no sound

I am trying to play a burned DVD that a friend made for me. I can get good video on both Windows Media player and PowerDVD but no sound. Any ideas? It’s a DVD- formatted DVD.


  1. your friend could have ripped the DVD without any audio


  1. he selected DTS in stead of Dolby 5.1
    most audio cards/older DVD players can’t decode DTS sound.

When I select DTS in a DVD menu, I don’t hear any sound either.

If you know someone who can play DTS sound on his PC(new sound cards) you can see if the sound works there.

To be sure, your friend should, when ripping the DVD, select all the sound languages available (normally you are able to select English several times)

Hope This helps. :slight_smile:

I can play the DVD using powerDVD(video and audio) but not Windows Media Player (video but no audio)

Any thoughts?

Mattlock, start thinking yourself.
“mie” gave you a perfect answer to your question, so try to understand it.

May be installing a codecpack could also help. Have you ever thought about checking if you have the required audio codecs installed?

Never thought of checking the codecs? Where can I find them?


Burned avi. file (movie), plays on PC but not my DVD player, Toshiba with DivX compatibility. It is the only copy I can find of this movie, any ideas?