Burned DVD has no video

Okay, here’s the deal. I have now updated to the latest version of NERO. A few of my previous issues have now been solved (unable to insert errors, and one file that used to audio lag). I was able to burn one of my previously problem files with perfect results. However, I have recently dl’ed some new content and attempted to burn it to DVD. These files played on fine on both WMP and Nero ShowTime. When the finished DVD was played on my Sony Dream System I had audio but no video, this includes the menu that I created using a .png picture file and a .mp3 music file. Both the menu and each title played fine on the preview, and during transcoding operations video was visible as well. I already have over 50 burned DVD’s that play fine on my Sony DS. Since installing the newest version of Nero, I have not changed anything with regard to the Ne.ax codecs. I have also used gspot on the offending files and found that I do have 4 compatible video codecs and 3 compatible audio codecs already installed, and the file renders with no errors on directshow.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Just out of curiousity I tried playing the burned DVD on my computer using my DVD drive and WMP. Lo and behold, it works like a charm. This is confusing because the rest of my burned DVD’s will play on any DVD player. I used all the same settings as usual (NTSC, Auto fit to disc, etc…)

I am going to try one more time with smart encoding disabled…not sure it’ll help, but I’m baffled…

OMFG!!! I am such a TOOL!! The reason this error I’m having makes no sense, is because I am such a moron!!

When I tried playing the file on my Sony DVD player, my Toshiba TV was not on the correct input channel (I was on VID 3 when I should have been on Colour Stream).

Since I seem to be talking to myself, hopefully no one will ever read this thread and I can forget this whole episode ever happened. Thanks for nothing…LOL!

(MODS, if you would be so kind as to remove this thread and save me some embarassment, I would be grateful, LOL)