Burned DVD freezes on playback



Hello all,
I´m having an anoying problem here.
Here´s my recording routine:
I copy a DVD-VIDEO, after shrinking to HD and after that I use Nero 7.0.5 to burn it at 8x.
After that, Nero check the recording and say that´s ok.
After that I run CDCHECK
After CDCHECK I run DVDINFO and without errors also.
When I´m happy with my excelent burned disc and I play on other LG driver or on my DVD player, it freezes on some random point.
If I burn, the same dvd twice I get the freezing error on two totally different points of the movie.
I was using Ritek DVD and after the freezing problem I bought a Sony Blank disc. Sony is more stable, but it still freezes.
Something that I notice is when I burn in 4x, this doesn´t happen.
What can I do? I´ve already lost 4 blank discs trying to burn a DVD.
Thanks, Marcelo


Sorry, I couldn´t edit the post.
My question is:
Is it a bad quality media? Bad burner? Or bad transfer from the pc? I never notice this before.


Usually, bad media causes those kinds of problems…but you used a Sony disc, too :eek:

Can you try updating your Nero to version


Hello again,
I´ve updated the nero version, but the problem remains.
My burner is LG4165b with firmware DL04.
If I update to the DL05 will it make a diference?
The funny thing is that the problem started a few weeks ago, it never happened before.
Other important thing is that I´m using the DMA mode, but sometimes, when it´s burning the dvd, the first green field, that says if the data is transfering ok, sometimes reduces drastically, getting to 0% sometimes. When this happens, the buffer field reduces too, until the first green field come back to 100%. Perhaps is a problem with the data transfer from the pc to the burner?
I´ve read about a udma mode, what´s that?
Thank you very much !!!


Use better media, as suggested before.


But I´ve already tried that !
I´m not using the nashua media anymore. I´m using Ritek and Sony and never had a problem burning in 8x with this 2 medias.
Thanks, Marcelo


Ri* is also crap and please post more info/Mediacode from the Sony’s.


Hello again!
Here´s the code:
00000000 00 6A 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 85 0E 10 .j…@…R…
00000010 87 88 80 00 03 53 4F 4E 59 30 38 00 04 44 31 00 …SONY08…D1.
00000020 00 00 00 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 01 00 06 09 0C 12 …
Thanks, Marcelo


Hey, Marcelo! Maybe update to buffalo firmware will do the trick. You’ll get UDMA 4 transfer mode (if you are using 80-wire cable). Here’s the link to the patched firmware.


I´ve just downloaded the firmware that you recomended.
Tell me something, I´ve got 3 firmware versions on the zipped file. Wich one should I use ? Should I use one after another ? What´s this rip-lock?
Thank you very much ! Marcelo


I never had problems with this SONY disks you’ve mentioned.
Update firmware, check PSU.


OK, I don’t have to remind you that you will lose your waranty if you update your drive with this firmware.
Now, RPC1 is a region free firmware, meaning that you can play any video dvd which is non region free, as long as you use a region free software (eg. DVD Region+CSS Free).
Auto reset is a firmware which will reset your region code every time computer is restarted.
Anti rip lock removes rip lock, ie. lets you rip your video dvd’s at 16x speed. At the same time, it’s auto reset. I recommend that one. But sure think first - don’t do it if you don’t wanna lose your waranty.


Yes, updating with inoffical firmwares will void the warranty, of course.


Maybe reading this will help clearing things up. :smiley:


You can also update your drive with a DL or DJ firmware. That would turn your drive to 4167B. I did that with my 4165B. The main reason for doing this was curiosity, but in general, 4167 has a better firmware.


Read this for more information.


Thank you all for answering my question !
If I install the anti-rip and auto-reset firmware, and for some reason I don´t like it, can´t I just get back to the original LG drive flashing it again?
About the crossflash, what are the real chances of screwing up my drive? I read about a safe mode that avoid that, but I´m not really sure.
Thanks again, Marcelo
PS: Bay the way, what´s psu?


I give up !
Here´s what I´ve tried so far.
I´ve formated my pc.
Updated Nero to 7.0.8.
Updated the firmware to DL05.
Tried the Auto-Reset and Rip-lock firmware.
Tested with several medias like LG, Ritek, Sony, Philips, etc
Crossflashed with success to 4167b DL13 with auto-reset and rip lock.
Nothing changed !!!
Everytime that I try to burn a DVD-VIDEO in 8X and test the disc in other LG dvd reader using DVDINFOPRO or on my DVD Player, I got a lot of reading errors, sometimes more and sometimes less.
The funny thing is that if I use DVDINFO PRO on the same drive that I´ve burned, DVD PRO most of the times says that the disc is perfect, but if I play it on the other LG reader, the burning is a mess.
The funny part is when I test old DVDs, burned when I got the burner and test it, I get no errors at all.
Does anyone have any idea of what I should do?
By the way: What´s the diference between the DL13 and the DJ13 firmware?
Thanks again, Marcelo


PSU is Power Supply Unit. Maybe this causing you problems. Read this. DJ13 is a third party firmware (same like DN13). And yes, you can back the original firmware using the same method.


Hello again!
I´ve fixed the problem returning the burner to the store that I´ve bought and getting a 4167b instead. The driver was the problem! The funny thing is that this is the second LG driver that I buy, that after a while gives this “bad burning” problem.
I want once again thank you all for your help!