Burned dvd freezes on dvd player but not pc

i have been burning a few dvds recently and they are good condition. i used convertxtodvd and that is a very reliable product this is my work

i get my avi movie
convert at normal speed using ConvertXToDvd
after successful conversion i burn at 4X using convertxtodvd
my media is Tuffdisc 16x which are quite good and also maxell SQ 16x
after burning i watch 1 minute of each chapter to make sure its all good on the recent movies i have done it stop on say the 16th chapter of a total of 19 chapters
so to double check i play in my desktop pc dvd drive and guess what excellent not any freezes.
so whats the problem its got to be the dvd right?
my dvd player is LG DVD6353
the point is before it played burned media completly fine

the freezing is not basic it freezes and will not go it moves foward a second every minute please help thanks

First off does your avi play properly on your PC??? And what program are you using to play the avi or converted dvd on your pc??? What version of convertxtodvd are you using?

im using VLC player to watch on pc without any bad ness im using convertxtodvd 3 to convert ns dburn at 4x

Your standalone most likely doesn’t like the media.