Burned DVD doesnt play

Hi all

I have burned a DVD using Nero Recode to fit DVD 5 and then burning it using Nero express. But the problem is … it doesnt work on my DVD player. However this only for English movies…i have tried other language movies and they work fine using same procedure. I have noticed that there are more Files (.bup, .ifo etc) in english movies…

Is there any alternative to this procedure so that I can get it to work on my DVD…

Doesnt work = I see the menu but cant play…On play it just go to bad mode and stops without playing anything…

any enlightment would help



I am no expert by any means, but with experince buring movies. DVD-R seem to work best. None of my DVD players play DVD+R or DVD+R/W discs. I made several coasters out of the +R discs. My XBOX even plays the -R discs with no problems.

Just thought this might help if you are trying to use +R discs.

@ love2rules

To have many files like .ifo, .bup, and .vob is normal, because they are the files that contain the movie. If your have issues only with english movies, maybe your problem can be caused from a bad dvd authoring. Try to use dvd shrink instead of nero to compress your movies.

@ SilentAnger

You’re right: many older standalones are very picky about media. -R (dash) media are more compatible with older standalones, but this problem can be solved using +R media changing booktype in ROM (most of burners allow this).

Can you point me to a tutorial on how to change the “booktype” in the ROM?

I have an LG 4040b and I’ve read it’s possible, but have not been able to find where and how to do it.

Thanks 1,0000000000

I’m real sorry, but I don’t know how to change booktype with LG drives.

You can try with CD-DVD speed, but I’m not sure that this can solve your problem.