Burned DVD does not have the applied Book Type


Summary: Should I untick “Auto ‘Change Book Type’ (*)” in ImgBurn?
I am trying to replace my damaged original navigation DVD without paying a lot of money to the dealer. To be honest, the time and effort to get this far, I almost wish I had just splashed the cash. However, not being one to be beaten I am progressing.

I’ve now flashed my DVD drive with retail firmware, replacing the OEM version, (post # 6) thus ImgBurn ( allows me to change the book type to DVD-ROM which is required as I have to use DVD+R DL discs, but the sat nav device needs / expects DVD-ROM.

The image file came with .IMG and .MDS files. From what I have read, I understand the MDS file is a “settings” file for ImgBurn and should set everything according to how the disc should be burned, taken from how it was copied.

In ImgBurn, under Write Mode, I set the Book Type to DVD-ROM and burned the disc. The log showed it setting the BookType to DVD-ROM, However, once the disc was burned, in Read Mode, Under “Physical Format Information (ADIP -LO)” the Book Type is still DVD+R DL.

Under Tools --> Settings --> Write --> Page 1, there is the option “Auto ‘Change Book Type’ (*)” that is ticked.

My thought is that this enabled setting is overwriting the Book Type. Before I burn yet another Toaster, should I untick this setting?

To cut a long story short, I downgraded the sat nav firmware for another purpose, however, on inserting my copied disc, the firmware is upgraded again, so I know it is reading the disc for the firmware upgrade, just not for the navigation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


The ‘ADIP’ info will always show the original booktype, it’s the ‘Last Recorded’ stuff that gets updated with whatever booktype value you/the program told the drive to use.

ImgBurn’s ‘Auto Change Book Type’ option always sets to DVD-ROM… so there’s no conflict there with what you’re trying to achieve.

Thank you for your reply.

I see now:

Physical Format Information (Last Recorded - L0):
Disc ID: MKM-003-00
Book Type: [B]DVD-ROM[/B]

So it looks like it’s not the burn process that’s at fault.

Many thanks

What brand media are you using?

[QUOTE=Rimmington;2678426]What brand media are you using?[/QUOTE]

Read the post before yours!
Verbatim did he use.