Burned DVD are unreadable , 411s

Hi all!

So i have a 411s wich i patched to a 811s. All worked perfecty for 2-3 Months. But now i tested the speedhack and updated the new bin. after that i load back the HS0P and now any dvd i burne is unreadable by the burner and the standalone. So i downgraded to 411s and the discs i burn are still unreadable.

can someone help me??


What firmware (411) are you on right now?
And please provide more info about media. :slight_smile:

Hi , i use the newest firmware DR4FS0J.

The media i use is the same that i used before that worked. its Sunstar 4x -R ( LEADDATA01)


The latest firmware is not always “the best” firmware.
From my experiance 411 likes cheapo DVD-Rs when on fw FS0F. :wink: I have tryed fw FS0J, but nogo with my princos -R 4X…

Try it out if you have a pile of -Rs. And burn them @ 2X.

Edit: removing irelevant info…