Burned DVD 9s Slow reading. (LG GH20NS15 - Internal Super-Multi SecurDisc DVD Rewriter)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH20NS15 - Internal Super-Multi SecurDisc DVD Rewriter. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi Guys,

I have burned many dual layer disks with this drive but it seems when it comes to reading them, it takes a long time to access the disk and its contents. I have had the same problem with different disks and different burners. I just seem to get these dual layers burned right.

Is there a setting im missing when burning them? I see that there are OTP and PTP track options. Can these be changed and is it this that is cause this problem?

thanks in advance. :).

What exact media were used?

I’m using tuff disk dual layers. The thing is, Ive always had this problem even with other media and players.

CDFreaks always saves my day, I too was getting slow reads and found out about new riplock technology, Yeah!!!

MCSE solved my problem, Imported the flaher into MCSE then answered yes to all questions and it made the flaher a standalone FW slasher then I just checked increase read speed and exported the bin. Last I dragged and dropped the bin file on the standalone flaher and the flas proceeded.

Was baffled why it was only reading up to 4x??? Seems better now though.